Kaempferia Parviflora, 450 grams loose extract powder

Superior packaging: double-layer, food-grade paper bags within a plastic container; no contiguity of our capsules with the exterior container)

Why you want superior packaging

1 bottle of 450 grams loose extract powder (not capsules)

Detailed dosage advice for kaempferia parviflora extract

Effective dosages are 1 to 3 grams morning, noon, evening. In Thailand, kaempferia parviflora extract is a food item added in cooking. It also goes well with curries. I has a more earthy taste than yellow ginger.

1 bottle, 85 USD

2 bottles, 136 USD

4 bottles, 218 USD

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3 bottles butea 400 capsules

1 bottle, 80 USD or equivalent

2 bottles, 128 USD or equivalent

4 bottles, 205 USD or equivalent